how to get to joensuu

by plane

- There are four arriving and departing flights from and to Helsinki per day (by Finnair and Flybe). In addition, there is a route between Joensuu and Tallinn (by Estonia Air).
- The Joensuu Airport is very close to the city, just 11 km from the centre. It takes approximately 10 minutes to drive between the two in light traffic.

Flighttime from Helsinki


by car

- Driving to Joensuu is very convenient. Depending on where you are coming from, both the VT5 or VT6 highways can easily be used.



Distances by road

From Helsinki 440km
From Lahti 340km
From Turku 542km
From Oulu 393km


by train

- There are many departures from the larger cities to Joensuu. For example, there are seven departures from Helsinki per day.

Traveling time by train

From Helsinki
4h 12min
From Tampere
4h 52min
From Jyväskylä
3h 12min
From Oulu
7h 38min


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